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1999 : creation of the 1st forest adventure park in the Pyrenees, under the brand "Forêt Suspendue" (suspended forest).

The market development gave us the opportunity to create adventure trails in France and Spain and thanks to this experience, we have innovate developping a new concept on artificial structures : Acro-kit the trails for kids "6 Chouette trails " (owl trails)

Our adventure trails are set up in accordance with the AFNOR standard, respecting the environment.
The games with their layout and situation guarantee a clear progression, more or less sportive depending on trails. The safety is omnipresent in the installations development.

Real play attractions with a quick profitability to create a new family activity will make children and adults happy. Adrenalin guaranteed for vertigo-addicts and thrill seekers.

Our products

ACRO-PARC is a company specialized in Adventure Trails on trees but also on artificial structures.
Our trails in the trees can be set up from 1 to 20 metres high depending on trees.

Our range is made up of different trails :

  • "Chouette (owl trail) from 4 years old, from 1 to 2 metres high.
  • "Bleu" (blue) from 2 to 5 metres high
  • "Rouge" (red) from 5 to 10 metres high
  • "Noir" (black) more than 10 metres high (depending on trees)

Our concept is a family product which trails are graded according to different difficulty levels,
Chouette (children under 1,20 metres tall), blue (intermediate), red (difficult), black (very difficult).

We deliver a park, ready to operate

    The concept ACRO-KIT : Removable, transportable or fixed, our structure is scalable on demand and can be set up anywhere you want.

  • Removable, tranportable or fixed, our structure is scalable on demand and can be set up anywhere you want. Builder on artificial structures

  • The scalable structure gives you a large choice of
  • More about it

    Acrobatic Parks builder
    on artificial structures

  • If trees are missing or if you don't have any, the artificial structure will meet your needs.
  • All scenarios are possible, Chouette, blue or red trail, set up on a more or less flat and straight area with or without direction changes.


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